The Most Inspiring Man

Joko Anwar is such a smart man who can encourages me to think in different perspective. I knew him from twitterland in 2012, and since that I followed his twitter until now. I love everything and stuff on his feature movies or short movies. Joni’s Promise, Dead Time, The Forbidden Door, The Ritual, Durable Love, Suncatchers, Grave Torture, Fresh to Move On, and the latest movie A Copy of My Mind are my favorite movies. I can even repeat to watching Joni’s Promise more 10 times, and its still hilarious.

Joko Anwar is not only my favorite director, but he is my hero too. Ya, I know this started freaking out. I love this man because he has a truly kindness. Everytime I see his posted on twitter to inform current issues and bring his opinion into it, I agreed. Honestly, I always checking his twitter almost everyday. Hahaha.. not only that, because of him I know others good people like Nia Dinata, Aimee Saras, Lucky Kuswandi, Hannah Al Rashid, Tara Basro, Karina Salim, etc. Joko Anwar also influencing my music by his favorites musician like Sore Band, The Adams, The Spouse, Rooftopsound Record, Elvis Castello, etc. Wow!

That’s the main reason why I love Joko Anwar. To all you my friends, I highly recommending you to know him too. If you don’t like him, it’s really not problem. But, I swear you must be love his personalities and his masterpieces.


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